Creator Max 2 - FlashForge's Newest Release

On January 21, 2021 FlashForge USA released their newest addition to their line of popular consumer-grade 3D printers - the Creator Max 2. The Creator Max 2 retails at $969 USD and comes in two different color options: Matte Black and Sky Gray. The two colors have differing availabilities. The Matte Black printers are expected to start shipping out on January 22, 2021, while the earliest ship date for the Sky Gray models is estimated to be February 1, 2021.

Creator Max 2 is available in two colors: Matte Black (left) and Sky Gray (right)

Creator Max vs. Creator Max 2 Comparison 

At first glance, the Creator Max 2 looks almost identical to the original Creator Max, but comes at a $200+ premium (Creator Max currently retails at $729 at 3D Printer Haus, versus the Creator Max 2's $969). So what's the difference and what makes up the higher price tag?  

Creator Max and the Creator Max 2 - can you spot the difference?

The main selling point of the Creator Max 2 is that it features an independent dual extruder (IDEX) system. This differs from the Creator Max's standard dual extruders (non-independent). The IDEX system means each extruder can move independently from each other. Each print head gets its own nozzle and can print with the same, or different material than the other head. The IDEX system supports mirror printing mode, duplicate printing mode, and soluble printing mode. This is a major update for the prosumers or designers who are looking for professional-grade multi-material printing capabilities.

Example of duplication mode - JGMaker Artist-Pro

Example of mirror mode - JGMaker Artist-Pro

Two other key updates are the addition of anti-oozing plates and the new removable build surface. The anti-oozing plates remove the need for nozzle brushes and instead helps keep the nozzles clean automatically by scraping off excess filament residuals from the inactive nozzle. The new removable build plate features a magnetic and flexible polymer sheet, which improves model adhesion while also preventing any warping. Print removal is also easier than ever, as you can now remove the plate completely out of the printer. 

While the FlashForge Creator Max 2 may look similar to the Creator Max, it packs significant updates and will definitely be of interest to the expert hobbyists or industry professionals who are looking for an IDEX printer from the seasoned manufacturer.